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What Are Fidget Spinners

What Are Fidget Spinners?

We’ve all heard about them, we all know a child that wants one, but what are fidget spinners?

Fidget spinners are the latest craze sweeping the kids by storm, everywhere you go there is a child playing with one or even two.

Today we are going to find out exactly what are fidget spinners and can Fidget Spinners help kids with ADHD.


How Fidget Spinners Work

Lets take a quick look at their design.

Fidget Spinners were designed as a stress relieving toy,

It consists or a small thumb pad in the center which contains a bearing that enables the device to spin round while held between your finger and thumb.

They come in many many different shapes and styles, some have only 2 prongs, some have 3, are a really cool design is the Batman Fidget Spinner.
There are some that light up with built in LEDS, and they are also made of different materials, some are plastic and some are metal.

Fidget Spinner Red

Purple Metal Fidget SpinnerFunky Fidget SpinnerBatman Fidget Spinner

Can Fidget Spinners Help My Child?

While browsing through the different styles of spinners for sale I could see that a lot of them were advertised as being “Stress Relievers”  while others go the full distance and list them as “Perfect For ADD / ADHD, Anxiety and Autism”.

It appears fidget spinners were created and marketed as a “Calming tool used to stay focused”

Catherine Hettinger who it was originally claimed to have invented the toy accounted her knowledge of “a special needs teacher who used it with autistic kids, and it really helped to calm them down”.

Taylor-Klaus, co-founder of ImpactADHD stated “For some people [with ADHD], there’s a need for constant stimulation. What a fidget allows some people – not all people – with ADHD to do is to focus their attention on what they want to focus on, because there’s sort of a background motion that’s occupying that need”.

While Stephen Poss an occupation therapist offers a more critical view on the spinners saying “the spinner toys, in my opinion, and that of teachers I’ve spoken to, are just that – toys,” adding, “fidget objects are meant to be felt, so that visual attention can be focused on the teacher. Spinner toys are visually distracting, and I think that’s their major drawback.

James Plafke of Forbes explains “”ultimately, though, there isn’t enough research regarding whether or not these spinners can actually help people from a mental health standpoint”

My Point Of View On Fidget Spinners

As someone who has suffered from anxiety in he past I can see that they could possibly help some people. When your nervous and find yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable then maybe the distarction of gently spinning could help control your focus and have a calming effect when needed. So yes, in my opinion I believe they can help people other than just a fun gimmick.